Visa Documents Requirement

In any kind of official process, the need of right documents plays a crucial role. As it comes to the Visa application process, the role of the right documents is as important as ever. As in the absence of these documents one can face rejection of the application on the ground of improper or inadequate documents. Thereafter you will have to go through all the process again.

Whether it’s a Business Visa, tourist visa, Spouse of EU/UK resident or any other kind of visa one has to produce right and accurate documents at French Visa center. Each case has different requirement of visa docs and for this an applicant require the assistance from experts. We ensure to help our clients to get their visa on time with few easy steps.

Here is the list of documents (essential docs) which has to offer to embassy or consulate to process any Visa application.

  • Application form:Either filled with blue pen or printed online.Must bear original signatures of the applicant on the application form.Two photocopies of the duly filled application form.
  • Hotel Accommodation: Proofs of Hotel Accommodation are required to be submitted in order to assure the Spain schengen visa service that you have booked your accommodation for the duration of stay in France. If you are staying with a French family, then you would be required to produce original “Attestation accursed” from the sponsor.
  • Proof of Transportation : Applicant is required to provide the proof of travel bookings in the form of flight/train/ferry/bus tickets or specific set of documents as required by the Consulate if the travel is via car.
  • car. 8. Proof of Financial Funds: (Copy or Printout) Your 3 latest bank statements. Make sure that your name appears on each statement and that your ending balance meets the minimum balance required for the length of your stay.
  • Insurance Requirements: Medical and Travel insurance are required to pay for the emergency medical and repatriation expenses.

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